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Emotional Issues

Emotional Issues

Unable to control your anger? Do you find yourself getting easily depressed? Is negativity bogging you down? Does every problem seem overwhelming? Sometimes emotional instability can leave us feeling weak and rudderless. Our trained counsellors will help you navigate these choppy waters and emerge calm and mentally balanced and fresh.

Behavioral Issues

Is your behaviour affecting every aspect of your life negatively? Anger management issues or abrasive behaviour? Are addictions the bane of your existence? Is your child not showing adequate social development skills? Is your child a bully or is too timid? Our experts will help you analyse why your behavioural issues could be affecting your life and how you can overcome them to become a more well-rounded individual.
Workplace Issues

Workplace Issues

Are you unable to hold onto any job for a good length of time? Do you feel your career is going nowhere? Are you confused bout what your career goals should be? Are you unable to be a team player? Do you always find that you are odds with your boss? Our counsellors will look into these issues, point out where the problem lies and help you resolve them, leading to a happier workplace for you.
Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues

Are you scared of commitment? Or find yourself in the wrong relationship all the time? Are you having a troubled relationship with your parents? Is sibling rivalry getting the better of you? Solve these issues before they take over your life with our wise and experienced guidance advisors.
Marital Issues

Marital Issues

Is your marriage on the rocks? Is infidelity bothering you? Have you and your spouse drifted apart? Are you the victim of abuse? Our experts will help you tackle these delicate and contentious issues with sensitivity and practical advice.
Career Counselling

Career Counselling

Learning should be a happy process and not a torture. Parenting has become a big challenge with our lives becoming busier. There are too many options and opportunities before students giving them more questions than answers. Children are not only worried about their own careers, they are equally worried about meeting their parents' expectations. Suicide rates among teenagers and young adults is alarmingly high, especially in the time just after the Board exams with fear of failure reaching unmanageable limits. Here is where our career counselling can advice you, guide you, calm you and get you on the right track. Know More
  • Life member & past Management Committee member of 'Association of Consulting Civil Engineers' (ACCE), Bangalore.
  • Life member & past Hon. Treasurer (2003-2008) & past Hon. Secretary (2011-2013) of 'Institute for Research, Development and Training of construction Trades and Management' (INSTRUCT), Bangalore.
  • Fellow member of 'Institution of Valuers'-India New Delhi and Bangalore, Approved valuer of immovable property.
  • Life member of 'Institute for Steel Development & Growth' (INSDAG), Kolkata.
  • Member of 'Institution of Engineers' – India.
  • Member of 'American Society of Civil Engineers' (ASCE) & management committee member of ASCE in Karnataka State..
  • Life member of 'Alliance De Francaise-Bangalore' an Indo-French Cultural Institute.
  • Life member of 'The Mysore Horticulture Society'. Bangalore..
  • Life Member of Bangalore District Rifle Association..
  • The team of M/s. 3E-SERVICESTM have been trained by Multinational Companies like M/s. BASF, M/s. FOSROC, M/s. SIKA, M/s. BOSCH, M/s. FISCHER and M/s. HILTI, M/s. TYROLIT etc., who are leaders in providing solutions to challenges in Construction Engineering. M/s. 3E-SERVICESTM has involved & associated in research programmes of the university level on structural rehabilitation. The team of M/s. 3E-SERVICESTM have been attending Seminars, Workshops, Conference, Endowment lectures in international, National level as delegates, Co-sponsors, Exhibitors which is conducted by ICI (KAR), ACCE (B'LORE), ACCE (HYD), CCMA, INSTRUCT, Elpro energy center, IIV (KAR), so as to get updated about the recent technology, to adopt hi-tech methods in Construction Engineering and to disseminate & share their knowledge among society. .
  • To become most preferred and leading contractor to cater for Rehabilitation & Retrofitting of Civil Engineering structures in India.
  • To educate the society in construction to reduce and manage the defects for prolonged life of the structures.
  • To educate, orient & connect Civil Engineering students to Construction industry through knowledge sharing.
  • To educate construction workforce for better buildings in India.
  • To support Society and Industry through value based services which will increase and support the life of the Civil Engineering Structures.
  • We have Honesty, openness courage to learn & change at all levels of operation.
  • We are committed to exceptional service and will strive for highest quality & excellence in delivery.
  • Employees & customers are our strength, we believe in their succeed.
  • We focus on challenging & meaningful projects.
  • We will strive to mechanize at all levels of operation towards speedy and quality delivery.
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