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DMIT [ Career Counselling]
Crisp description of the science behind DMIT, founding principles, Benefits, Application of the analysis.

Every child has enormous inner power, and if you are given the opportunity to explore the talent if your child, take it and develop it. This is where DMIT comes in. DMIT or Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test is a diagnostic tool that uses scientific methods to identify the inborn intelligence and develop the true talent and potential of both you and your child. developing congenital intelligence is the key.

Potential Talent Evaluation is done through fingerprint analysis - a 3D nano Technology system that was developed in the USA and germany and being used worldwide. It is a quick process, taking only 10 minutes and accurate as it calculates automatically by using Nano sampling, reducing risk of artificial misjudgement. It is secure as personalised test reports are provided to different audiences.

DMIT uses Dermatoglyphics - which is the scientific study of skin markings on fingers etc. Gingerprints begins to develop when the foetus is in the 13th week and continues till the 21st week. This is the same time that the critical growth of the brain is taking place bearing testimony to the fact that there is an accurate corresponding relationship between fingerprints and intelligence.

DMIT is a purely scientific test and refers to the inborn intelligence of the individual. And the ultimate objective of this test is to develop the undeveloped part of the brain, called ACQUIRED intelligence.

Alpha Brain Mark allows schools to identify specific talent, learn the style of each student, nurture talent correctly, and adopt the teaching styles accordingly. There is a qualitative improvement in results which only benefits the school's reputation.
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